Thursday, November 29, 2007

I haven't decided whether or not it's a good thing the phyical therapist is in the same room as me. On the one hand, he's helped me with my back issues and I've learned A LOT about the human body from listening to everything he instructs the dancers and crew to do to treat their injuries. On the other hand, I've had to see a lot more nakedness and awkward stretching than I've ever known possible. Now don't get me wrong, everyone needs to stretch before they run out and dance on stage. This is why they have a designated area and time for 'warm up'. So why oh why is this one particular individual inclined to come in and do what Maddy and I have named the ball stretch. He doesn't stretch any other part of his body in our room. He does the splits with his bum on the floor or high in the air to stretch out his groin muscles. Today I was hunched over on the floor, combing up the hair from a haircut I had just given. I look up and I see a foot that has found it's way in front of me. Sure enough, I look over and there is a crotch being stretched a foot away from where I am. Trying not to roll my eyes, I moved the trash can in between him and myself to form a buffer and a shield. I think I'm leaning towards I'd rather have a sore back and have learned nothing about the human body.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So I decided to start taking a lot of pictures of everyone while working. I will post some of them soon. We only have a few shows left and I think we all take for granted the little moments we have working together everyday. I went up in to Hans' dressing room to take pictures of Maddy getting his hair and make up ready. In the end I took a picture of them together. Hans wanted to see it and he came over and asked me if he looked wax--as he answered the question himself with a yes, I also answered the question with a yes. He looked over at me with this look of shock and I gave him an evil grin as he said in his thick dutch accent, "you are an evil girl!" then looking at Maddy, "she said yes! did you hear her?" Then we all laughed and he gave me his email address to send him a copy of the picture. He is hilarious. I think my favorite thing he's said lately (and I can't remember if I've written this already but here goes anyway) is this: He walked back in to our hair room and we congratulated him on receiving the Magician of the Year award. He said "oh yes you know who you are working for." and he turned and walked out of the room.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I just read on Kirk's blog that Lance A is dating an O twin. I think I vomited in my throat. Ok now that I've got that out of the way...I have to be out of my house on Dec 2nd. It all started when my roommate sent a text saying she was leaving us on the 15th--a month and a half before scheduled evacuation of premises. So rather than letting her manipulate an innocent bistander to take her place, we gave notice. So I will be out of a house and job by Dec 8th. They officially announced yesterday that the show will not go past that date. I am thinking about staying in Vegas and working in a salon but I am afraid and nervous--which probably means it's the right thing to do.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I bought Felicity Junior Year which means my life is over until it's over. I don't know why but whenever I get in to this show, I begin to think like the characters and I start to compare them to the people around me-- I suddenly am living with Julie or Alayna and dating Ben-- err at least people just like them. The worst is when I start to narrate in my head as if I'm talking in to a tape recorder to Sally. I can hear Felicity's voice and I begin to say things like she does. It does have it's advantages. Felicity is a strong character and she says and does things that I don't have the courage to say and do. Whenever I start to feel insecure, I like to soak myself into season one so that I can get her voice in my head. Season two is just straight up sappy romantic for me so I guess that one just gives me hope in that area. I can't remember season three very well so I am excited about it...mostly excited because I know that Julie leaves the show...and she is the most annoying character. Funny enough I can complare it to my real life because there is someone leaving my life and right now she is the most annoying.

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's kind of weird when Pam Anderson asks how your birthday was. I told her about getting the 25 kisses and she was probably thinking, that's it? They just kissed you and just on the cheek? haha But it's cool that when my boss asked me if I had smoked or drank last night or at all since I have been in Vegas, I was able to say no. She was convinced that when I moved here I would start partying. It's all b/c of the ac/dc and other crap on my ipod that she's heard me listening to. It makes her laugh that I am attracted to the 'bad boy' type. I had a crush on one of the stage hands and he has hair half way down his back, drives a harley, and listens to like guns and roses. I think she thinks I'm the teacher on the van halen hot for teacher video--I'm just going to bust out one day and be crazy. Contrary to popular belief, I really don't believe rock and roll is entirely evil. Listening to it isn't going to make me go out and be a crazy girl...but that's just me.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!!! It was a good birthday for me... I think 31 is going to be an ok year. Actually, being in my 30's is working out pretty awesome. I like it more and more all of the time! This week has been filled with cake and parties and costumes. I got a text message at 6am from Loofa with a picture of her brand new baby...was hoping he was born on Halloween but he missed it by 45 minutes. So he'll be a day before-er. I got a ton of happy birthday texts and calls which made for a good morning. Ken took me to lunch at Mon Ami Gabi and it was sooo fun. I did Seth's make up and hair so that he looked like the 1986 David Bowie in the movie Labrynth. I'll post pictures soon. Danielle, Kira, and I were dolls: rosy cheeks and big plastic eyelashes, ribbons, pigtails, and lacey socks.
I think my favorite part of the night was trying to get 31 kisses at a mormon halloween party. My friend Kira and I stood by the front door at this house and she stopped about 70%(only the cute ones) of the guys that walked through that door and asked them if they would give me a kiss on the cheek for my birthday. Most of them were cool with it and could care less or they were excited about it but some of them had the biggest hang ups! We're talking a kiss on the cheek...not a marriage proposal. There were two that offered hugs but no kiss. I told them to keep walking! I kinda lost count but I think I made it to 25. Not bad...25 guys to kiss you in the period of about an hour? Happy Birthday to me!