Saturday, June 30, 2007

Since there are so many difference dance routines in the show, the dancers all get very tired and joke around that I should just step in for them. At the beginning of the show, when they are all on stage, me and the dressers stand there and watch them and try and copy some of their moves. I am hoping that by the end of this, I'll have all of the choreography memorized--just because I think it would be funny. Last night, Gemma, one of the dancers, didn't go in for the Tango because she hurt her back a couple of weeks ago doing it. So we were standing on the side watching and I started doing the moves like I do with the dressers. However since Gemma actually knows how to do it, she started showing me and doing it with me so I could follow her. During the second show, we did it again but this time I had an audience....all of the stage hands turned around and saw what we were doing and started clapping. And just my luck, the resident dirtector came walking around the corner, saw what was going on, and stopped to watch. Had there been any light, they would have seen how red my face was.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Opening night was on June 2nd. The mentor was my date which is funny on so many levels but that's another story. Anyway, we had fun but I've never felt more like I was in highschool. First of all, it was a total VIP party...I mean what party with Pam Anderson wouldn't be, right? We walked in on a path of white carpet covered in red rose petals, sheer curtains billowing around us like we were walking through clouds. When we got outside there were tons of people, loud music, and showgirls covered in feathers posing on tall platforms around the pool. We had some food and drinks--at least my date did and we walked around and said hi to people. I realized there were two levels of the party and you had to have a wrist band to go up to the other level. The other level was where Pam, Sylvester Stalone, and Amy Whinehouse hung out. What I couldn't figure out was why they would put two separate parties next to each other. If the famous people didn't want to hang out with the group, then why did they even come? It was so stupid and it made me feel like the nerd that wanted to hang out with the popular kids. Even if I was in the same party as the famous people, I probably wouldn't have talked to them because I obviously don't really know them. Keeping me isolated from them was saying that if I was to go around them, I would paw at them and ask them to be the godparent of my firstborn. What they didn't know was that all I would have done was run up to Sylvester and yelled Adrienne! in my best Rocky voice and then moved on to Amy and said Rehab might not be such a bad idea for you. But they didn't even give me a chance to show how cool and calm I can be around celebrities.
Speaking of which, I finally got to meet Tommy Lee the other night. He's totally hot in real life and when he came walking down the back stairway from Pam's dressing room along with several other guests, I couldn't help but look up and smile at him while I said, Hey you're Tommy Lee! He was totally cool and nice and said something like nice to meet you while smiling back at me with an awkward grin like ya that's me. When I met Pam she was kind of the same way like ok you know who I am so what are you going to do? Are you going to get all crazy and act like a total retard? Of course I didn't and so when I hung up balloons in her room she talked to me as if she'd known me for a year.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's finally opening night and I can feel the stress starting to drain from my pores. Last night we had a preview which means we had a live audience. The show was rolling along fine but I was totally on cruise control--wig off, wig on, wig off, wig on. Pam doesn't come out until about half way through the show and they kind of make it a big deal with big music and fireworks or whatever. So the music is on and she is walking out--big blond hair, tall heels, and shiny short shorts--a siren goes off and all of us look around at each other like, did they change the music? Is this new? Then a woman's voice comes on saying, "A fire alarm in the building has been triggered." I start to look around a bit frantic and all I could think was wait we haven't had a fire drill yet! Is this a fire drill? NO it can't be--we're in the middle of a show! So we just waited as the siren kept blairing overhead and Pam and Hans stood on stage looking around, not sure what to do but almost trying to go on with the show. I wandered back to the wig room and saw that there were two men trying to get in to the pyro room which is right next door. The physical therapy guy said he had heard a loud pop come from that room. Sure enough, they opened the doors and smoke came rushing out. It filled up the backstage area and they cancelled the rest of the show. I got a sudden rush of energy knowing that there wasn't any damage so I still have a job but the night was over! Wig off.