Sunday, January 24, 2010

we're a happy family
we're a happy family
me, mom, and daddy
So we're at Michelle's house for Christmas and we're all just hangin out when I look around and notice that WE'RE IN ORDER. This has a specific meaning in my family. For some odd reason whenever we were doing something like walking around in a zoo or sitting in the car or just watching tv, we would always be oldest to youngest or vice-versa. This was never on purpose--it was just one of those things that has no explanation and ultimately no meaning but it's just funny. Michelle hated it. Anytime Steph or myself would notice the order, we would wait and see how long it would take for her to notice. Once she noticed the smirks on our faces it didn't take her long to figure it out and move. We decided to have Alicia take a picture of us and we squished in for the picture....I just stole it from her blog!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Over Christmas vacation this year, I became engrossed in a novel written by Suzanne Collins. Some of you may have already read it, Hunger Games. My parents and I drove up to Orem to spend Christmas with my brother and sisters and I quite literally could not stop reading this book on the trip. The sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains so I pulled the book closer so that I could make out the words. My dad must have noticed that I was going to lose my eye site so he passed me a small flashlight. I was glad that I didn't have to position the book to get light from other vehicles. Putting the book down simply wasn't an option! We stopped for dinner and I was forced back in to reality where I was so car sick from reading in the backseat, I couldn't even talk for fear the vomit would come out when my mouth opened. I was trying to tell this story and I had to stop in the middle of it because I was making myself more sick.
I had the book finished the next day and was ready to start the next in the series, Catching Fire. I didn't have the chance with everything going on so I read it as soon as I got back home. It too was amazing.
Today I am feeling a little bored--I already went to church, played Guitar Hero 3, Dr Mario, and watched a movie. All I want to do is get lost in the world of Panem and see what is going to happen with Katniss Everdeen but I can't until August 24th, when the 3rd book is released.
I just read that they are going to release a movie in 2011. I am curious what the rating will be with how gory the story is. PETA is going to freak out over how many rabbits and squirrels die. It's going to be great controversy! haha