Friday, February 26, 2010

Things that only happen at a basketball game with the young women (ages 12-18) in the church.

The players hug after they foul each other.
Everyone cheers for every basket no matter what team they're on.
Gracefull ballet leaps equal a lay-up--and they start from the top of the key.
AIR BALL! again and again and again and again
She shoots and nothing but net! --the bottom of the net that is.
"I'm a captain! I don't have to be a good sport!"
A girl goes rogue...can't find her anywhere in the building...stop the game...oh wait there she is chillin down some random hallway.
The score is two to two--it's half time.
The ball is passed and ends up in the corner of the court nowhere near anyone playing "Oh I threw it to the wrong person!"
The ref calls a foul. The girl who fouled says, "Can't I do anything?"

Seriously I love going to these games. The girls don't get overly competitive or fight with each other. They just come to play and have a good time. Sure they totally stink at basketball but who cares when you're having fun?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last night I watched the Olympics for a minute after LOST and it was the men's figure skating competition. A few of the competitors came out in crazy costumes and I dismissed it thinking well, of course that's what they're going to wear, they're foreigners.

Finally it was time for the 'man' from America to hit the ice.

Johnny Weir. Really?? THIS is what you are going to represent the USA?
What about a little red white and blue instead of pink tassels and glitter??
After some background investigation, I found out that he really is just a dramatic, highly effeminate male skater. I know what you're thinking, aren't ALL male skaters dramatic and highly effeminate? I suppose that they are. I guess I was just hoping for some of the competitors to put the male back in to male skater. Skating doesn't have to be all queer or girly or whatever you want to call it. Haven't we all seen the Cutting Edge? Seriously. It takes a lot of strength to pull off some of those moves and what embodies the male more than strength? I heard there is even a homosexual retired male skater commentator (did I get enough adjectives in there?) that was criticizing him for his look and his drama on the ice. I mean, even that guy is embarrassed. That's saying something.