Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So how can anyone follow up this job? It's seriously been the coolest job I've ever had and I am seriously missing it. It was so wierd to not have work Friday and Sat night this last weekend. I did however get to go to Celine Dion on Friday night for her second to last performance! Auntie Mar and Andrea took me and we had sooo much fun. I love them! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes came to the show as well and they were really cute. It was fun to see them! Big thanks to Aunt Marilyn for the big fun night.
So have any of you seen the new National Treasure yet? OF course you haven't! It's not out! But guess who did last night? ok so here is the story. So we took some friends to see I am Legend. It scared the crap out of me...to the point that I was curled up on the seat with my hands over my eyes. What a freak I am. So after the movie was over I was so scared and so full of adrenaline that I was shaking and laughing. So we were the last in the theater and this security dude came over to kick us out. He was super funny and started to joke around with us. He said we had to hurry b/c he had to go and watch national treasure. My friends had been telling him about how scared of the movie I was and so they had all been making fun of me including him. So I told him that I wanted my money back or else he could just let us come watch national treasure. He laughed and I kept pressing him to sneak us in for the special preview only for the theater employees. Finally I told him that we worked at Origins. He got all excited about the lotions and hand creams and ran inside to ask if he could get us in. When he returned he said ok let's go. He snuck us in the back! It was a really good movie! It really freaked me out though when I realized that I recognized the sound track they were using. It was none other than the same as the Hans Klok one. There were two of the songs that they used for our show in the background. So funny!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So I finally got my picture with Pam Anderson! She and Hans signed a poster for me. It was really sweet. I have to post a picture of it! Anyway, so we had a closing night party(last show was on Sat night) and my boss was sitting in this booth with Pam and the group when she motioned to me to get over on the other side of Hans for a picture. I was the first along with my co worker Maddy to get pictures with them and then only a couple of people were allowed to after us! Totally exclusive picture taking! I was bummed because Chris Angel showed up after that and my camera had broken! So I didn't get any pictures with him. For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a magician and he does that show Mind Freak. He is a freak. The chicks totally dig him (Cameron Diaz!) because he dresses like a total rocker. He does look pretty hot to be honest. I feel like such a wierdo magic world girl for knowing enough to explain who Chris Angel is. Ok here are more pictures per Cori's request! :)

Saturday, December 08, 2007