Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I made a little video to introduce people to the salon....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Australia, Australia I can't get you off of my mind.

I have a secret obsession with a little country known as Australia.I have some friends that are going in January and I am invited however I cannot find an affordable airline ticket for the time frame that they will be there. I have beenlamenting over this for the last week. I have called a travel agent, searched everywhere you can search for cheap tickets on line.


My mom asked me the other night why I want to go to Australia. I told her that I have been wanting to go for the last three years but on the real, it's more like the last thirty years. I couldn't bring myself to tell her where it all began but somehow I can write it here and totally risk humiliating myself.
It all started with Olivia Newton John. Physical was the first record album I ever owned and I was probably about 4 years old.
I remember getting this very clearly--my parents were both there and we were in the living room and my dad handed the record over to me. I didn't really know what I was in for but I will tell you that I must have listened to that album as many times as I could convince my mom to put it on for me.

I loved Olivia.

My parents knew this and sat me down to watch Grease.
So then I loved Olivia and John. I think I was obsessed with her accent because I remember imitating it while playing in the back yard. When we went to the Worlds Fair in Canada in 1986, guess what exhibition I had to see. Yep, Australia. It was the lamest exhibition there but I enjoyed every second of it. Of course my dad somehow got a bunch of Koala bears to hand out at his business. Little did he know the seed he was planting.
I think my obsession with this place was put on hold for a long time because the next Australia moment I had was just three years ago. My roommate Danielle had been there and she had a few Australian friends in town so we hung out with them. I said to myself, I need to meet more people like them.


Of course I haven't moved, but I've been trying to plan trips there ever since. I keep telling myself, this will be the year. In the meantime, I'm obsessed with Australians. Simon Baker, Tabitha Coffey, Olivia on Fringe...isn't it ironic that her name is Olivia??? It's like the country is calling my name.

Monday, November 01, 2010

VOTING DAY--it's so not anything to do with beauty
It's time to vote and I hope you're all taking it seriously. This is my attempt at swaying your votes at the last minute. This is of course if you live in Southern CA and in my same district. You might have noticed a couple of years ago that I voted yes on proposition 8. It's kind of a taboo thing to discuss because by saying that I don't believe in gay marriage, to some I'm suddenly just like the people who would burn crosses and run around in white hoods, holding a rope, looking for the nearest tree. To those that feel that way, I'm sorry but I have a right to my beliefs. If you feel differently, agree to disagree ok? Anyway, there are certain individuals that are threatening to overturn proposition 8 which is ridiculous to me because why do we vote if one or two people are going to just change it to how they want it? So a lot of my votes are going to people who I feel are supportive of proposition 8 or um let's see THE LAW.

Meg Whitman
Abel Maldonado
Mimi Walters
Steve Cooley
Carly Fiorina--ugh but she's republican
Ken Calvert--love this guy!
Brian Nestande
Damon Dunn
Tony Strickland
Mike Villines
Michelle Steel

Tani Cantil Sakauye--NO
Ming W Chin--YES
Carlos Moreno--NO
Judith McConnell--NO
Manuel Ramirez--YES
Carol D Codrington--YES
David G Sills--NO
William W Bedsworth--YES he's kind of a wild card for me. I figure, let's see how he does for a while. We can always vote him out later.
Eileen C Moore--NO

Larry Aceves
Virginia M Blumenthal
Paul Angulo
Tom Evans