Tuesday, October 09, 2007

As some of you may of heard, Pam got married to Rick Solomon on Saturday. So I know the burning question in each of your heads must be: Tracy, did you go to the wedding? Sadly, the answer is no. I would have loved to be there and see Toby Maguire (SPIDERMAN!!!). I was however, involved in getting the wedding party ready and I was at the villa they got married in. I was also invited to the exclusive after party...errr maybe it was a reception? I was heavily warned against it so I guess it was good when I missed my ride in the black SUV over there! To be brutally honest, I couldn't believe that she was going through with the whole thing and I thought it was a total mockery of marriage. BUT when I got to the villa that day, Pam jumped up off the floor and shook my hand and kissed me on the cheek saying thankyou for coming and helping out! Then she scurried around trying on different outfits with her dresser, trying to decide what to wear that night. She was really excited and very happy. I couldn't help but be just as excited and happy for her! I really hope that things work out with the two of them. Rick is a nice guy and his daughters are very sweet. I think there is definate potential for success in the meshing of the two families. I wish them the best of luck!