Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've been having some of the craziest dreams lately. Why wouldn't I want to share them?

My mom and I are in the garage and this spider is there. It's about the size of a soccer ball and it looks a lot like a daddy long leg. I was in my bare feet and I was screaming at my mom to step on it as she had shoes on. Instead of stepping on it, she kicks it and it rolls all the way across the street in to the ravine. Of course it comes back and again she won't step on it. This time it's moving at ludacrous speed and I'm about to lose my mind from terror. She kicks it away again and it moves around to the side of the house. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of spiders lurking in a corner of the eaves near our heads. It's full of spider webs and all kinds of thick legged furry and sometimes colorful spiders. As my mom is turned back faced to these little monsters, to kick the one at our feet, they are b lining it to attack her. I'm screaming for her to turn around and the dream changes.
I'm at the mall with some people walking around and then I leave to find my car. I can't seem to cross the street fast enough and there are tons of cars waiting for me. Each step is incredibly painful because my legs weigh thousands of pounds. I look down to see what the problem is and I'm wearing these chunky white tennis shoes. These shoes are hard to move and I'm stressed out as the cars have stopped and are waiting for me to cross. I get through the first intersection but there is still one more. I can feel something at my ankle and look down again so see the tongues of the shoes are inflating. I start to feel things all over me inflate and I'm half floating. This makes it much easier to cross the second intersection and move through the parking lot because I can jump and float for minute, creating larger strides. I am getting closer to my car when this Japanese lady comes running towards me yelling at me in Japanese. She wants my shoes! I try to float away from her but she's keeping up. Where is my car?!! I can't find it now and she's getting closer and closer. Then I woke up.

Last night's dream was funny because Scott and Alicia had a monkey. We were at I think the Denver airport part of the time and then in Texas the other part. Initially I went to pick someone up at the airport and left the dogs in a kennel. It ended up that I was there all day and I was freaking out about having left the dogs. I finally got them and left. I was with my mom and Scott and Alicia now and we were trying to catch the train or bus to go back into the airport. We all had planes to catch at around the same time. My mom was stressed out because the trains weren't coming as frequent as they were before. Something was wrong and we were going to miss our planes. Finally we got on to a train and Scott and Alicia had a monkey. The monkey was sitting in one of the seats next to a nervous looking couple. You could tell these people did not want to be sitting next to monkey. But since the seating was limited, there was no other option. We were almost to our destinations when Scott said, uh oh the monkey pooped. He titled the monkey to the side to try and clean it up. Meanwhile the nervous couple were freaking out and they got up to get off the train. The seats were vinyl and had indents from buttons for decoration. So he was having to scrub in the cracks and folds of the vinyl. He somehow managed to get everything cleaned up and threw the waste in the a bag that was full of left over food from their lunch: left over french fries and poo. It was gross.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

It takes me FOREVER to get pictures developed...I don't have a digital, I have film. So here is a look back on this year...
(I added some pictures from a wedding I did in January to my entry on April 19th. )
I went on a little bit of baking spree towards the first of the year and I made cakes whenever I could find and excuse to.

This was Easter. I found a recipe on martha stewart's website for these little cupcake chicks.

Jason won tickets to American Idol so I got to go with him. We saw Flo Rida perform Right Round and the blind kid get eliminated.
He looks totally insane in this picture. It makes me laugh!

I don't think I ever did my post for Memorial least I can't find one. So here goes. I actually celebrated Memorial Day. I went to the National cemetary in Riverside and listened to congressman Ken Calvert speak along with a few other major army/navy/marine generals or captains or whatever you call them. I got teary eyed and patriotic. It was awesome. It all started because there are THOUSANDS of motorcycles that drive up Alessandro by my house on memorial day. We like to go out and watch them because it's kinda funny. This year we decided to follow them and check out where they end up. So here's some pics of that.
watching them ride...

parked at the cemetary
there were thousands and thousands of bikes
and there was lots and lots of leather
flags on all of the grave stones (my grandpa green is buried here)