Friday, February 24, 2006

J(19 years old): "Hey if anyone wants me to come in on a Monday for them, let me know. I really need hours!"

Me: "Why do you need hours?"

J: "I'm a slacker. I haven't been coming to school and I need to get my hours! If I don't get my act together, I won't be done with school until I'm 30!"

Me: "Hey! There's nothing wrong with that!"
Break Room Conversations:
"What? Your birthday is when? Oh so that makes you a Virgo! I'm a Pisces. Pisces and Virgos don't get along. You know, it would be interesting for us to sit down and have a conversation to see whether or not we get along. Pisces and Aquarius hate each other but my husband, well, he is an aquarius and we are married!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My friend came in for a cut and color on Saturday. The learning leader came over and asked how old she was. I was thinking, Why is he asking her this? I know he's not hitting on her because he plays for the other team! She told him and he said OH! Well this will be flattering for you then! You have to be at least 18 to get your hair colored and so I was checking to make sure you were old enough! Luckily she is old enough--27--so I was able to color her hair and it turned out beautiful. Then there was the haircut. I can safely say that I've never really messed up on anyone's hair except for my brother's. He was my first haircut. He had a bowl cut--mind you this was like 1992. I started to cut off the long layer of hair on the top of his head and somehow I just cut it too much. Long story short, we had to shave it. So back to my friend: I cut the top layer of her hair too short and we had to shave her head. Just kidding...about the shaving part. It was rather nerve racking. My friend was sitting there, trusting that I would do a good job and I was screwing up. I think this is the first time I thought I need to find someone to fix this! But I stuck it out and I somehow managed to blend it into something and she looked hot in the end! Ya for me...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I cut and colored my cousin's hair today. It was quite fantastic and I will have to post pictures of her on here very soon. We are doing a photo shoot in a week and she is going to be my model. Her hair color turned out so pretty and the cut was very unique. I love that she let me do something different on her. Gotta love and appreciate the trust there!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You are too sexy. I can't handle it and neither can my friend that should remain unnamed. When you cut hair, you look in the mirror at your creation with this look that makes us want to tackle you. You aren't normally on the floor with us but you were today. So my friend who should remain unnamed and I set up our station in your section. She wanted a scalp treatment so we called you over to sign the ticket so we could start. You looked at me in the eyes and smiled with this smile that said how you doin? --you were about a foot away from me which made it all the more affective or effective(?). It was heartstopping. I think I almost blushed.

You are totally killing me. A girl transfered from night to day school and you were on her like cheese on macaroni. Today you somehow conned her into giving you a stress relieving massage that lasted for what seemed like hours and also looked to be more than stress relieving. It seems that we are all on to your sparkly eyed nature except for this poor new girl.

Weird Girl,
I watched you cut that guy's hair today. It took an unnaturally long amount of time. I think that you must have gone over his head, scizzor over comb, at least 100 times--especially that back left side. You stuck around there for quite a while. I think my favorite part was when you stopped and put your arm up so you were leaning on his shoulder. You made eyes at each other in the mirror, smiling and laughing. The poor guy was either being really nice or had no idea that you are only 17.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Have you ever seen a homeless man dance and sing to the Jackson 5, ABC, playing outside of a gym? Well I did today and words cannot express how funny it was.
So by the way, I'm totally done with the mentor. Michael J Fox is way hotter and so funny. I am not talking about the actual Michael J Fox. I'm talking about an instructor that looks like him. He comes to the school and teaches a haircutting class once a month. I first wrote about him on December 13, 2005. He pulled up outside of the school in his new lexus wearing some hot sunglasses, window down and arm hanging out, fingers holding a cigarette. I've never been attracted to someone smoking---usually it totally turns me off--- but in this case, it was the opposite--kinda like the movie Thankyou For Smoking-- .
It explores ways to make cigarette smoking more attractive to people.
I am starting to wonder about my obsession with short men named David that come and teach classes on Thursdays. David Rich used to come and teach a class at my last place of employment on Thursdays. I have no idea why but I had the biggest crush on him. It was to the point that I could barely say hi to him even though I knew him and he knew me and we had had several long conversations in the past. Everyone knew that I had this crush and they would all stare at me to see what I was going to do when he came around. This is why I am not going to tell people about my crushes anymore...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today was officially white trash day. It all started when a fellow student complained about having to go check herself into prison. She had a DUI last summer and had to do 48 hours of community service or go to jail for three days. Since she hasn't done the community service and time is up, she is going to check herself in this weekend while her parents are out of town. So then the stories about prison and lesbians started flying around like...flies?
Yeah so that topped the morning off. Then in the afternoon we watched an instructor give a student a mullet. We had to take notes like this was going to be a haircut we would be doing on a lot of people. Who knows, maybe it will be helpful...especially for those who may be spending some time in prison.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I hate being called hun or sweetie by girls. I don't care if a grandma does it but when a person my age does it, it makes my blood boil. It makes me want to squeeze lemon juice into their eyes...or something. I think it's so incredibly demeaning. I'm not a child! Stop treating me like I'm five! So now that the front desk girl is a part of my life, I have to fight the urge to find citrus whenever I have an encounter. She looooves the sweetie and hun thing and is constantly using them when informing me on school policies. How can anyone use those words and not mean it in a belittling way? It's like she thinks I'm retarded! Either that or she thinks we're in a diner and she's a 48 year old waitress that chews a lot of gum.