Thursday, March 19, 2009

I bought two new packages of dental floss a few days ago. One of the un opened packages was on my bed last night as I was going to bed so I put it to the side on the desk beside my bed. Let me back up here one second. This last week I have been sleeping really crazy. I am so tired but in the middle of the night I toss and turn and get really frustrated to the point that I'm slamming my face on my pillow as I re situate myself in hopes to find a more comfortable spot. The anger and frustration have overtaken my dreams at times and sometimes I don't know whether I am sleeping or awake. Reality has become a very fuzzy picture in the wee hours of the morning. This morning I awoke to find my dental floss free of the cardboard and plastic packaging. I stared at it for a moment and then like a dream saw this: I'm half asleep reaching for the dental floss and violently tearing at it, desperately trying to free it from it's confines. I couldn't get through the cardboard part and exasperated, fumbled through my drawer to find a pen to break through. All the while, I'm laying in my bed. I find the pen and begin to stab at it with all of the furry of a warrior. Finally I break the dental floss free and then darkness. I stared at the dental floss, sitting ever so calmly in the exact spot I had left it, wondering if this really happened and then I looked over the edge of my bed. Pieces of plastic and cardboard were scattered about in small pieces. It's a good thing I sleep alone.
On January 17th I did Kristin's hair and makeup for her marriage to Chris. Heather Balliet, the wonderful wedding planner, just posted some pics on her blog:
It's seriously worth taking a peek at. This was the cutest wedding ever!

This is a hairpiece I made for each of the bridesmaids.

Look how cute they are!
Special thanks to Kristin and Chris for letting me be a part of their day!