Thursday, August 26, 2010

Girls Camp 2010
Big Bear, CA

me and aunt diane (had to crop this picture--if you could see the entire thing, you would see that I'm totally doing a gangsta crotch grab. I really don't know how or why)

leading the hike... The girls hated me after this because I made them work their booties!

I don't know...

totally not holding on to the iron rod, fools! (anyone in that outfit shouldn't be allowed on the iron rod--says the girl in the spacious building)

The two that terrorized me for the week. They weren't horrible but they weren't nice all of the time either. So they get to be shown off in their oatmeal masks. sweet revenge!

The oatmeal masks are pretty awesome. You just use straight up oatmeal and water(plain oatmeal-don't be trying to use no brown sugar or peaches and cream). You mix in enough water to make it pasty--this takes some smashing and stirring for a couple minutes. Then you put it on and leave it for 15 or 20 min. Your skin is hydrated and soft afterwards. So awesome! I put it on one arm and hand and compared. Their was a noticeable difference. Thanks to Kristen Trimble for teaching the skin care class!

Monday, August 16, 2010

What has Tracy Lee been up to? I'm taking it to back in the day--Junior M.A.F.I.A. Players Anthem, I Need You Tonight, and Get Money. I could listen to those songs non stop and never get sick of them. (**parental advisory**)
This month has been so crazy. Disneyland with Michelle's family, beach with the whole family minus Scott's :(, Arizona for a hearing, and girls camp. August isn't even over yet!
I've been doing some sewing. I'm really in to this one dress pattern for little girls. I've been tweaking it different ways. Here is one that I've made for my friend Gina's baby Gracy--who was actually born today!

Mike Whiting(brother) needs some items to sell in one of the galleries he is going to be showing his work in. He wanted a plush toy of sorts so this is what we came up with so far.

rabbit, robot, owl

They rejected this idea at first and wanted to go with a T shirt design. However the T shirt isn't going to work out so they picked these! I am going to be busy sewing a bunch of these over the next two months. I also have some wedding alterations to do and two bridesmaid dresses to make. My room is going to be a sweat shop.

My corn is here! I picked it today and the biggest ear measured at 13 inches!! 13 is my lucky number--so fitting!

Monday, August 02, 2010

So I guess it's shark week and what better time could there have been for this little video to come along. This is Zoe. She made a bunch of videos and took a bunch of pictures of herself all stealth--no one was around and she pulled up the camera program all by her self.