Monday, November 10, 2008

Here is a big update on my life over the past couple of months. I haven't written much--mostly because I haven't felt very inspired but partly because I wanted to include pictures on this one...
These first two updates are really important.
1. I have discovered that reggae makes me feel like I'm on an island vacation. Jason made me five bob marley cd's and that is all I listen to now. Can't get enough of the rasta, love, knotty dreds mon.
2. I purchased some new sunglasses a week ago-- I finally said good bye to the paint chipped ones. The new ones have a tint to the lenses so everything looks sorta bronzy. It's like viewing the world through rose colored glasses--it really is pretty. I noticed that green lights are now teal lights. See? really important!

Andrea got married in San Diego on Oct 11th. I was there to do hair and makeup for her and her 7 bridesmaids! It was a busy day but I had fun! I love my Andrea and my Faulkners!

Brian and Andrea Williams

I made these flowers for her hair out of lace from her dress...

I had to take a back view of all of the bridesmaids... side buns!

I turned 32. Everyone says, oh 32 is young. Well within 5 days of turning 32 I managed to eat dinner at 430pm at both IHOP and Coco's and ordered off the senior menu.
Since my birthday is on Halloween, I had to wear a costume. Me and Deanna dressed up as Barbies...

I was a Heroin Barbie...

Yes on 8. It passed! Here we are holding signs on a corner the night before voting day.

Unfortunately we are feeling the sad aftermath of protests and anger and hurt. I just wish that it wasn't being so directed at mormons. Mormons made up of less than 2% of the yes vote! The people have spoken in California: democracy at it's finest. Until the majority has a different opinion, we have to learn to live accordingly. This really isn't as interesting as signals looking teal though, right?