Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So I happened to watch Conan last night and was super excited when I found out that Will Arnett was going to be on...Will is better known to some as GOB Bluth. I think he is so hilarious and this interview was--wow--just check it out!
Flava Flave was on too. He was wearing a lot of fur and a bear hat---yes, a bear hat. I think my favorite part was his idea of a romantic date--Benihana's and bowling. So now we know why there is a Flavor of Love THREE.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I told Kim that I was going to list all of the jobs that I've had because let's face it, I've done a lot of random stuff! (this is just for fun because I can write whatever I want)
Hair and Make-up Artist
Wedding dress maker/alterations
Hans Klok--wig lady
Hale Theater--hair/make-up designer for all productions
Hale Theater--door manager
Sperry Van Ness--admin assis
Knox--full on data entry
Hartford--sold life insurance in the bay area
Catering--love those quinceneras(sp?)
Berret Talega Pest Control--secretary. I now hate everyone that freaks out over bugs.
Donna Karen--alterations
Aleeda Wetsuits--secretary, shipper, inventory
The Great Steak--waitress, cook
Cougar Eat--ew fast food(only lasted a month)
House Cleaning lady--I cleaned this lady's house every week in Orem and my future bro in law's house sometimes...
Wolf Mountain--sports desk: sold tickets and lessons
Beach Access--retail
The Jewelry Outlet--retail for papa. I sold expensive jewelry! good times!
Luman Green and Sons--retail for papa
Luman Green Jewelers--retail for papa
Babysitter--I babysat for EVERYONE all of the time from the time I was 10 to like whatever.

So there it is. My career life. What else should I do?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've been tagged by kim and alicia so here ya go:
10 years ago: I was in my second to last semester at byu. I was watching xfiles every week and the guy I had accidentally fallen for told me that he got back together with his x girl and was going to marry her.
5 things to do today: photoshoot with Emily, sew Ali's dress, sew Ali's dress, sew Ali's dress, and sew Ali's dress.
I enjoy: listening to the White Stripes really loud in my car!
If I were suddenly made a billionaire: I would dedicate my life to helping the orphans.
5 jobs I've had: waitress, secretary, insurance sales, admin assis, wig mistress
5 things people don't know about me: I am addicted to Lost season 1 this week. I am terrified of commitment. I don't like candy-just chocolate. I watch the View sometimes. When I was little I would get a piece of kraft cheese and put mustard all over it and eat it--my sis would make fun of me but I loved it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I feel like every January I find myself in the same situation--kind of unemployed but kind of not. I am somehow pulling it together enough to pay the rent etc. but I can't really figure out where the money is coming from. It's not like I have a full time job but I am working and busy all of the time. At the same time, I manage to take time off when I need it and I sleep in almost every day. I don't really want to have that taken away so I am afraid of changing anything. However, I want to go to Lake Powell this summer and with the way things are right now, I won't have much extra to do that AND travel to/live in Australia next January. Oh yes, by the way, that is the plan so long as it isn't hindered by a marriage proposal. I looked on Craig's list for a job--I've been on there many times just sorta checking it out to see what kind of options I have. Every time I have been on there, I have seen numerous posts from people in desperate need for a hairstylist or a makeup artist for a photoshoot or a movie. Today, there was not one single post which was quite saddening when I'm finally in a position to apply. I've decided it's all because of the writer's strike. All of the hairstylist that should be working on tv shows, can't because of those greedy little whores. So they are out doing the jobs that people like me would do. SO not only have the writers taken away good television and left me crap reality shows(except for project runway), but they have slimmed down the job market. You know what? I think it's their fault we are in a recession! I would strike back against them once the shows are up and running again and refuse to watch, but knowing that I was missing out on Jack saving the world again, or Michael driving in to lake, or Meredith and McDreamy breaking up again, would be too much to bare. I guess I will just have to stay in this perpetual state of semi employed for a little while longer.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

please read Heidi's entry: The Joys of Motherhood. It's brilliant!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Origins School
I sat in a room of 17 women and 1 gay man today (so 18 women) for nearly 8 straight hours. My boss Colleen is super hilarious and she has a way of making just about everything funny. Not sure how it came up but she mentioned to me one day how funny she thinks farting is--and believe me, whatever she finds funny, you will too no matter how you felt about it before. So we're sitting in class: It's about 3pm and our lunch has settled and we are starting to get super punchy because none of us have been allowed a diet coke and we're staring at a slide show about plants. Someone's chair was making a noise--at least I think it was a chair. You know how sometimes when you sit on a leather or vinyl chair and you go to move and it makes that noise? Well that is the noise I kept hearing although the chairs were all clothy cushioned seats. So the instructor stopped talking as she was pausing between thoughts and I heard a little pherrrr! I look at Colleen who is sitting across from me and she looks at me and we both had these wide eyed looks of terror slash oh my gosh I am going to die of laughter! It was as if we both wanted to yell out, uh what was that??? But we couldn't and no one acknowledged it so we had to hang our heads in silence which was totally impossible! The instructor kept talking as if nothing happened and I put my head down and pretended to take notes as the tears came to my eyes from holding back the laughter. I could hear Colleen across the table taking deep breaths and hiding her face in her hands desperately trying to contain herself. I couldn't look up for fear of meeting her face again and completely losing control! Eventually I gained composure by convincing myself at how silly my sense of humor was. I am so glad we didn't hear "the noise" the rest of the class!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ok so I have to be the most relieved individual on the planet. I took the CA state board for cosmetology and I totally passed! I have been dreading this test since I graduated from school. I don't have immediate plans to move back to CA or anything but I wanted to have the option. I'm pretty stoked!
ok so funny thing happened--this is the best part about doing people's hair: they tell you everything! I was coloring this girl's hair and her boyfriend kept calling her. She mentioned that it's usually really hard to get a hold of her but it's easy for her to get a hold of him. She said that he's not really that busy at work so he'll always answer when she calls. She on the other hand, is always super busy at work and can't always talk. So later that day her boyfriend came over to get his hair cut. She called while he was over and after he hung up, he said the same thing as she did earlier--although he was the one that was always super busy at work and she wasn't ever that busy. I almost thought he was kidding when he said it or that maybe I was being tested to see if I would keep it in the vault! But he was being totally serious! When I saw them together later that night, I just had to laugh to myself and wonder how many other little things were going on....at this rate, I'm sure I'll find out!