Sunday, September 30, 2007

I totally stole this from Becky's page. haha This is me cutting her daughter Ava's hair.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yesterday I dyed a wig. It felt like craft day because I wasn't using any of the things you would normally use to dye hair. I bought two orange sharpees and had one of the stage crew guys break them open. I put the spongy ink pads in a spray bottle and added some alcohol. I wrapped a block in plastic and pinned the hair to it. I then sprayed the wig with the orange mixture after which I wrapped the hair in straws I had cut in half. I pinned the straws now wrapped in hair to the block and sprayed more orange. Then I baked it. My cuticles are orange, parts of my work station are orange, and maybe even the floor is a little orange. The only thing that isn't quite orange is the wig. :(

Sunday, September 02, 2007

So remember the mentor? Just read towards the beginning of this blog and be reminded. I never thought that we would live in the same town and become friends--friends that hang out, text, and call each other. How did that happen? Turns out, he is actually a really nice guy. He's totally someone I can be silly with and act like a total idiot and he laughs at me. He's the same way which makes it all the more fun. What's really crazy is that I actually got over the my-face-turns-red-everytime-I-talk-to-you syndrome. I once compared him to Jake Ryan from 16 Candles. If I were to walk up behind him at the dance and he turned around and smiled, I would look down and walk away leaving him wondering. So now I wonder if I can be like Samantha Baker and turn my crush into a boyfriend. Will he be kissing me on top of a glass table over a birthday cake? I guess we'll see at the end of October.