Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yesterday in our make up class, Kevin(gay instructor) made an announcement that we were having a make up artist from Ultimate Face come to teach a make up class on Thursday. Kevin rarely talks about his sexual orientation. He never says anything about anyone he's dating and he almost never talks about boys he's attracted to that come in to the salon. He might as well be straight--except that he runs around and dances and acts like a cheerleader most of the time. So when he does say something about boys it's almost shocking but then it's not. It's hard to describe. So we're sitting in class, about 30 of us girls, and he was talking about the guest artist and said,"I heard he is cute and single..." and then he paused for minute and looked at all of us giggling because he knew we were all thinking oh good then hook it up because a man in the beauty industry has a 80% chance of being gay. So he added in an irritated tone,"...and he plays for you guy's good for you."

Friday, September 15, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So I pretty much hate Wednesdays. We're in class ALL DAY long and it's really suffocating. Today during the first hour we had a 'guest speaker'. I say it in quotes because sometimes they actually are a guest speaker and other times they are solicitors: pepper spray vendors, people from banks, magazine clubs, gym membership people, etc. Then on the flip side we've had people share relevant information--I won't go too in to it. Today this guy came in to show us some massage techniques. He pulled out these wands with pokey round things on them that he would roll up and down your back and neck and legs. Some girls chuckled in the corner because it just really looked like, well not a massage toy I mean tool. As he continued on with his presentation I felt like I had been thrown in to the movie Pete's Dragon.
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But after he started telling jokes about threesomes and pointing out the kinky nature of the massage tools he was using, I realized that this class was no longer a Disney movie in any way.