Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let's take a moment to celebrate the beauty of the male body...or at least the potential of it. I used to not care about it and I still don't but I can really appreciate toned abs and huge muscley arms. I was sitting in the theater watching New Moon when there was a large gasp from the entire audience--Jacob had just taken his shirt off for the first time to dab the blood on Bella's head wound. This is when the movie got really good because from here on out, there were tan, muscle toned shirtless guys running around. If their cut off jean shorts had been any shorter, I may have felt like I was at Thunder from Down Under--not that I've ever seen that show....or I may have gotten them confused with Tobias, the never-nude from Arrested Development. Anyway, the movie went on and towards the end we see Edward again. Where there should have been another gasp as Edward was taking his shirt off, it was completely silent. I turned to Deanna and said, "Ew cover that up!" The poor guy is painted chalky and stoney for his character and supposedly he worked out but in comparison to Jacob? there was no comparison. I wanted Bella to get back on the plane to Forks right away. New Moon is supposed to make us fans of Jacob. Mission accomplished.